A massive step into the future of Volution eSports is here and ready to go! We have officially launched the website for all to use and see.

What’s the site all about?

The Volution esports website is a place in which we can push forward and start doing things our way. This means we will be putting out new features and other useful information straight to our website along with content, social media and useful links. The website is primarily an information hub which we will continue to develop over the coming months and years.

What will change on the server?

Nothing really, it will actually make it much more streamlined. There are lots of functions that we’re wanting to bring to the site that will tie in with Discord. There are some things that we can’t do in Discord that we’ll be doing here. So, you shouldn’t really notice a difference apart from less spamming.

So what will the site bring overall?

Overall the website will bring important and official announcements regarding the server and the eSports side of things. You will see lots of information about how we intend to run things and what our future plans are and it will host a lot of information that we hold on the Discord currently.

“I think Volution is a very good server. I've personally found it helpful, finding more people to play and someone's always willing to play. meeting new people weekly, playing with them and having fun on rocket league wether it may be tryharding, helping out or having a conversation, Volution adds that element of family and I'm happy to be part of a great community.”

We will have pages set up in which you can see the official teams for Volution esports currently we have the Champion first team on display until we get our official first team which will consist of Grand Champions who will compete in ESL and other tournaments.

All of this will be announced on our website and much more! Let us know what you want to see here and we will do our best to make it work <3

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