Making content for Gfinity!

It’s exciting to be a part of Volution at the moment with the likes of Kaydop and Rix Ronday joining our Discord.

We’ve also got a car design competition going on, giveaways, monthly tournaments and a vids and gifs competition launching soon, you heard it hear first!:) Our community’s goals, team-plays, assists and saves will be snapped up for YouTube too. Oh and did I mention we’ve got a lovely team of streamers that streams on the Volution twitch channel?

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday we were approached by Trout, the Community Manager for Gfinity. He likes what we are doing in the Rocket League world and so we will be producing content for Gfinity in the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series. More about Gfinity down below!

We’ve got such a nice community with loads of active people every single day who engage in great conversations. And more people willing to help if you need it. A community like no other.

I used to be a moderator in the official Danish RL server and the difference is huge. That server was a place with no competitions or discussion. In comparison, I feel like Volution’s got it all!

Our community is what gives us that desire to improve our Discord server so thank you for being you. If you’re not part of our community, what are you waiting for?!

What is Gfinity?

Gfinity is a British gaming company/community that was founded back in 2012. Gfinity hosts loads of esports tournaments in their own esport arena based in London.
Gifinity will be hosting the Gfinity Elite Series at the Gfinity esports Arena, where 10 teams compete in FIFA, Street Figher V and Rocket League.


Gfinity Esports Website:

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