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It’s exciting to be a part of Volution at the moment with the likes of Kaydop and Rix Ronday joining our Discord. We’ve also got a car design competition going on, giveaways, monthly tournaments and a vids and gifs competition launching soon, you heard it hear first!:) Our community’s goals, team-plays, assists and saves will...
That’s right! We’re currently giving away a Black Market Mainframe Decal Black. To enter go to #giveaway-hype and react to Arrow’s post. Arrow made a YouTube video about the black mainframe and explains why it’s such a nice decal even though it is very underrated in the community, he also came up with some awesome...
Do you like Kaydop’s car? well, our very own Arrow designed it. In the games between Dignitas & Mousesports Kaydop used this beatiful car and the twitch chat was popping off. “KAYDOP’S CAR”, “OMG KAYDOP’S CAR”. It all started with Arrow getting a friend request from Kaydop whilst he was streaming. Arrow was trading a...
That’s right we are now introducing car design competition. How it works! – New theme every month. – Divided in diffrent classes being, Rare, Very-rare, Import, Exotic, Black market, Limited. – enter the competition by posting a screenshot of your car in the chat that matches the items on your car. – Mods allowed, you...
Volution have now teamed up with Twitch streamer MattyP. MattyP plays a lot of diffrent games and i’m sure that you’d like his stream as we all find Matty hilarious. Matty does multiple giveaways on Twitch during the day so don’t miss out! Go check him out! T-JAY
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